Rededicate Yourself

Often, we go through our lives and somehow lose sight of our "way"- our goals, dreams, and aspirations. We forget about the dreams we once dreamed about and planned to accomplish. We stop hoping and stop living our lives and "fall" into a complacent pattern that never seems to cease. TODAY, I would like to encourage you to rededicate yourself. Rededicate yourself to God. Rededicate yourself to those dreams you once dreamed, to those plans you once talked about, to those aspirations that once filled your thoughts and permeated your mind. This is a time of rededication, so no excuses! Simply stand up wherever you are and rededicate your life, thoughts, and will to God's plan for your life. Dream, Plan, and Believe, but most of all, at this point in your "life," Rededicate Yourself!

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