Learning To Be Free

One of the things we always love is to hear the story of the butterfly---how it starts out crawling and then builds its' own cocoon and then transforms and eventually breaks free and flies away as a butterfly. It sounds great, right?!! Well, the same thing can be said of our own lives. We are born as babies, raised and groomed by our parents, and then grow up and leave our families and start our own families...And that cycle goes on and on. We, as human beings, can be free and fly just like the butterfly. My grandmother before she went on to glory reminded me to always live for God and to put Him first in my life. Through various situations and life's experiences, I have been learning a lot, like who/ what really matters. Again, God wants us to be free so we can help others to become free---in their thinking/thought processes (mentally), physically, spiritually, emotionally, etc...Learning to be free is a decision. God has given us His Word, and with Him all things are possible. For myself, I'm learning to be free--of people's expectations, of the guilt that comes from making mistakes, forgiving myself and allowing God to speak to me through these experiences, and so on...We have one life and are responsible for what we do. May each day I live and each breath I take be spent glorifying God and spreading His Gospel in both word and song. I'm learning to be free---finally! Thank You God, and my prayer is that we all will be free. Now, I can begin to really live.

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