God's Promise

About a month or so ago, I had lost something that, at the time, had meant a lot to me--- my new ipod touch. I had spent a lot of money on it and was enjoying all the perks that came along with having one. One day I was in a rush and wasn't paying attention and couldn't remember where I last had it. Well, I had written it off as a loss, but I kept hearing this gentle voice (God) telling me that it was not lost but was in my house. Before my trip to Japan, I would've been upset about having lost it, but I didn't in this situation. Just 'chalked it up' as a lesson learned. Hours turned into days, days into weeks, weeks into over a month and still no ipod touch. BUT I was cool with it. Then a few minutes ago I was looking for something, and there it was, right under the bed. Now, I had searched my house from top to bottom, inside and out...had even looked in this same spot....no ipod!!! However, tonight I was looking for something else and looked in the same spot but from a different angle and saw it sitting there like, "Pick me up!" I was happy, of course, but this experience, I believe, was a test to see how would I react to having 'misplaced/lost' something this expensive and whether or not I was going to be at peace with the entire thing. But what also hit me about this experience is the fact that sDon't lose hope. Don't lose faith. God will show you what you need to see when you need to see it. God bless, and I hope this touches someone who's reading this.

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