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G. Wright: News

Christmas CD 2012 - November 26, 2012

My first Christmas cd, "Spread Love This Christmas," will drop very soon. It will be available for purchase here on my website, as well as cd baby, iTunes, and other online venues. Thanks for your continued prayers and encouragement.

"Do You Have An '80/20' Kind Of Love?" (Sermon) - July 15, 2012

Join me this coming Tuesday, July 17, 2012 from 9-10 p.m. at The message is entitled "Do You Have An 80/20 Kind Of Love?" Feel free to either use the link or call in at (646) 595-4311 and listen/talk. God bless and thanks for your support.

G. Wright

Preaching in Japan - December 12, 2011

I had the great opportunity to minister God's Word while on tour in Japan. God is truly amazing, and I am humbled by my friends who supported me. God bless you all!

G. Wright

On Tour in Japan - October 13, 2011

Presently, I am on tour in Japan with the Harlem Messengers. I am looking forward to this tour and to all that God has in store for me. Please continue to keep me in your prayers, and I will do the same.

Japan Trip - October 28, 2010

I had the opportunity to go on tour with the Harlem Messengers from end of October- March. It was a great time.

Update - May 6, 2009

Things are going well here, and strides are being made daily toward my national/international distribution. Thanks for your support and prayers and please spread the word about my music. God bless you all!

PLEASE VOTE FOR ME ON SUNDAY'S BEST!!! - September 19, 2008

How are y'all doing out there? Hope you're doing well. I've entered the Sunday's Best Competition. Please vote for me DAILY. Thanks so much, and God bless you.

"COMING FULL CIRCLE" - August 25, 2008

Sometimes in life, we are faced with different challenges--some highs and lows, some mountain tops and some valleys low...But whatever road you are on, it's amazing how God can bring things full circle. You can find yourself back where you first began, except your perspective can be different. You will be able to see what you didn't see before. You will not react in circumstances the same way you used to because God's tested you. He's tried you through circumstances great and small. Coming "full circle" is not half bad 'cause when you do at some point in your life, you will truly know what's important and what isn't.

FINALLY HERE- CD RELEASE IN D.C.!!! - April 14, 2008

J Bryant Productions Announcement
...bringing entertainment to life!
Please come meet contemporary gospel artist
G. Wright and listen to him perform hits from his
debut album "All Things Are Possible."

Jonathan G Willen and Associates & Indigo Entertainment in association with
J Bryant Productions


Cabaret, Jazz and Comedy Performance
At the Atlas Performing Arts Center
1333 H Street, NE
Washington, DC 20002
202-399-7993 (Box office)

G. Wright
"All Things Are Possible"
CD Release

Saturday, May 17, 2008
6:00PM & 8:30PM

Buy Your Tickets Today!!!

Don’t Miss Hot Interview with Sean Hardin!!! - March 12, 2008

Tomorrow, Thursday, March 13th, at 6 p.m., Gospel recording artist, Sean Hardin, will appear on "The Heart Of Love Radio Show" with G. Wright. Come and listen to this man of God, as he keeps it "real" about his faith, musical influences, and his music. You can either call in and listen or can ask questions and join in the conversation by calling (646) 595- 4311. If you’re online, you can hear it at Take care, and God bless! This is one interview you don’t want to miss!!!

G. Wright

Spirituality v. Secularity in the Gospel music industry: Part I - March 3, 2008

Tune into the "Heart Of Love Radio Show" with G. Wright on This week's discussion is, "Spirituality v. Secularity...Can you tell the difference in the Gospel music industry?" Call in and share. The show airs Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6- 7p.m. You can either call in, listen, or join in the discussion at (646) 595- 4311, or you can just simply listen from online at Also, if you can't call in but would like to send a message pertaining to the show, just send me an instant message to Either way, I would like to hear from you! God bless!
G. Wright

R.I.P., my friend Nubon Ealey, Sr. - February 19, 2008

There are few times in life when you are blessed to have known someone who truly cares and seeks to invest in your ministry. For me, this person is Nubon Ealey, Sr. Sometime had passed, and we had lost contact with each other. However, every since December 2007, we had reconnected, and this friend/ promoter once again had started setting situations in motion in helping me to prepare for my CD Listening Parties in Washington, D.C. and in Atlanta, Georgia. Well, as you know, things happen, and now my friend has gone on to be with the Lord. God has blessed him with a great woman of God and two great children. His work ethic was phenomenal, and he believed in me-- my music and ministry. Although he will be missed, I am left now with a great sense of pride that I too have known him. His legacy continues on in the lives of his family and friends. Tonight's radio show, "The Heart Of Love Radio Show," on blogtalkradio is dedicated to him. I also dedicate my song "Love Always" to him as well. God bless you, Nubon, and thanks for always supporting and believing in me. I look forward to seeing you on the other side. God bless, and rest in peace, my friend!

I Want To Hear From You!!! - September 6, 2007

The hot topic of discussion this week on my radio show is "How Can You Make A Difference In Your Community?" "The Heart Of Love" Radio Show can be heard every 2nd and 3rd Saturday of each month on 1420 A.M./ WATB in Atlanta, Georgia from 2:00- 2:30 P.M. Turn your radio dial into my program and listen to some good music and convo from national as well as independent artists. Feel free to call in as well at (404) 292- 1420.

G. Wright

Please Keep Me In Your Prayers!!! - June 18, 2007

Greetings! Thanks for your support. Words cannot express how grateful I am for you. Please keep me in your prayers. A lot is going on in my life at this point, and I really want to be in God's Will. Stay tuned for some awesome announcemnets that will be coming your way! God bless you. You are in my thoughts and prayers!
G. Wright

Coming Soon- "The Heart Of Love" Radio Show - April 3, 2007

Catch the hot, new show, "The HEART OF LOVE" Radio Show, on 1420 AM/ WATB. "The HEART OF LOVE" will make its radio debut on Saturday, April 14th and will air every 2nd and 3rd Saturday at 2:00-2:30 pm. This show will promote local artists and will capture captivating interviews. If you are interested in being a part of this great, new show, feel free to contact me here or on my MySpace page at gwrightsing. On each airdate, feel free to call in with your questions at (404) 292-1420. Take care, and God bless.

G. Wright

Thanks! - January 30, 2007

Thanks again for your support, prayers, and encouragement. The full CD will be coming to stores near you...soon!!!

God has most definitely been blessing me, and it's good to know that you have been touched by my music. God bless you all, and please keep me in your prayers.

G. Wright

Maxi Single Release has SOLD OUT! - December 11, 2006

Thanks to you, the first initial pressing of my single "Love Is A Miracle" has sold out. I just wanted those of you who have already ordered the single to know that the 2nd pressings of my CD are being manufactured as we speak, and it will be available very soon.

After negotiations, my company, Fire Heart, Inc., has acquired a major distribution deal, and the current maxi single "Love Is A Miracle" and the forthcoming, full CD release entitled "All Things Are Possible" will be available in all major stores and download locations worldwide. (Best Buy, FYE, Tower Records, Barnes & Nobles, Virgin Records, AOL Music, Target, Circuit City, Walmart, Napster, i Tunes, Rhapsody, and many more!)

Look for the maxi single in stores everywhere by the end of this month. If you would like to purchase the maxi single from me directly, you can do so on this website.

Thanks again for your love and support.
G. Wright

Count Down! - November 28, 2006

Well, time is ticking down toward my benefit concert. I am extremely excited and am believing God to work mightily. If you are reading this, please keep me in your prayers as I praise and worship God through song. God bless you and please do sign my guestbook and show some love.
G. Wright

1st Single Release- "Love Is A Miracle," featuring Avery Sunshine - November 9, 2006

Well, a lot is happenning right now. First, I'm preparing for my first CD release. Then, I have a concert coming up in a few weeks. Please keep me in your prayers! The biggest thing now is my 1st single release, "Love Is A Miracle," which can be heard on the online radio station, Just go to the link section on my website, and it will take you right there! Hope you enjoy. Please feel free to give me some feedback and PLEASE sign the guestbook so I can email you about upcoming events. Thanks. I'll be in touch soon!

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